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Trisha Yearwood - Jasper County - MCA

The new Trisha Yearwood album is sure to be an award-winner, radio favorite and big seller/hit with the fans. With her entire career housed at MCA Nashville, Trisha has taken some time to come out with her latest, “Jasper County”. Having recently gotten engaged to Garth Brooks and overcoming some creative blocks, “Jasper County” is an album that truly broadens musically, yet remains a complete work.Teaming with her previous producer, Garth Fundis, the song selection is varied, yet solid and unified. With little pop-crossover, this album is definite country with hints of blues and soul.The most interesting and memorable tracks to me are the forlorn ballad “Trying To Love You” and the smoking “Pistol.” I suggest taking ride into ”Jasper County”, you won't be disappointed.

Ricky Dee - Give Me A Chance - JaRic

Give Me A Chance is the debut solo release from Ricky Dee. It is a flavorful blend of both new and old country. This Artist has a smooth, experienced gutsy and memorable voice, while the production and songwriting are top notch and worth checking out. With this being his first solo effort, Ricky Dee is coming out of the box strong and market ready. The title cut, "Back In Tennessee" and several of the ballads are worth special mention.

He's obviously been through a lot and should fare very well amongst the major players. Give it a chance.
Lindsay Jordan - Down Home Heart - JaRic

Lindsay Jordan is a new artist who has a decent voice - although sounding a bit inexperienced, with wonderfully crafted songs and high level production on her debut, “Down Home Heart.”

With "Your Kiss Can't Lie", a new Diane Warren song, and what looks to be most all others written by fellow JaRic artist, Ricky Dee, and co-produced by Dee and Nashville producer Dave Dunston, this cleverly packaged and positioned CD should be received positively, but might be a little late for competing with the 5 others currently occupying the "young pretty blond" Country music group of artists we've seen jump out within the last year. Worth a listen.

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