Shane Worley
Shotgun House

Country Discovery Records
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Shane is 23 years old and lives in Gruetli Laager, Tennessee. Shane has been singing, picking and performing since a very tender age. He has played in his share of night clubs, and had his share of heartbreak.

Shane came to the attention of his producer Mike Headrick in 1995. Mike approached Shane about recording a project and Shane was eager to do it. The project was titled "Heart Aches and Lies" and was released on the Bob Grady Label. In October of 1998 Shanes first radio single "Waltzing Margarita" was released on the Country Discovery label. It was very successful immediately and is still getting played in heavy rotation. Later it was followed by "ShotGun House" which is also widely played and "This Side of Heaven" has also met with overwhelming success.

Shane is now sought after in various countries for festivals and show dates. He will be appearing in Norway, Sweden Denmark and the Netherlands and possibly the United Kingdom in the summer of next year.

The album kicks off with an absolute cracker. "Waltzing Margarita" is a wonderful mid tempo song, currently riding high in the European charts (and deservedly so), written by label boss Mike Headrick. This song just keeps on going round and round in my head, it is worth the price of the album for this track alone. But that isn't to say there is no-other great music on here, there is, and plenty of it.

Take a listen to "Bourbon And Tears", the first of 5 self penned songs on this album. This is a great heartbreak song very much in the style of Vern Gosdin, or the Cajun flavoured "Shotgun House", a lively track that has already proved popular with radio and is another Mike Headrick composition.

Other songs of special note are the very catchy self penned shuffler "I'll Forget You".
"This Side Of Heaven"
a lively tune from the pens of Mike and Teri Headrick that has already seen success in the European charts, and "Jones Clones", a great song from the pen of Mike Headrick that tells of how so many country singers seem to sound alike these day's, but how that wouldn't be so bad if all the clones were of George Jones.
I'll agree with that!

"The Bottle Still Loves Me" is a good country shuffler written by Shane in colaboration with Mike Headrick, while "Leave A Message", is a Randy Travis like slow ballad that tells of the heartache of a broken relationship.
Another story of lost love is told in "The Same Old Song". Written by Jon Gray the song has him relating the state of his love life to a song on the jukebox.

Other tracks on this fine album are "The Night That Ruby Fell", another from the pen of prolific songwriter Mike Hendrick, the Cas English/Roy Crabb composition "If I Ever Wanted To Cheat" and the albums closer, "Things That I Do Well", a lively Hank Jr styled song written by Shane.

The information that came with this CD states, "Shane lives in the country and he IS country. It's in his looks, his speech, it's in his soul. Shane is what you would say country music is all about. He sings the slow hurting ballads that listeners can feel right along with him. You live all his lyrics right with him slow or uptempo he is so believable".

This is an excellent album from a man who I have absolutely no doubt is pure country through and through. In fact, I couldn't imagine him singing anything else.
If you like your country music to sound country, then check this album out.
I'm sure you'll become a Shane Worley fan, just like me!